Super blue blood moon is a phenomenon which occurs when blue moon, super moon, and total eclipse occurs simultaneously. This is a rare phenomenon and had occured  last during December 30, 1982. The moon occurs red in colour and is a spectacular scene to watch. 

The moon is said as blue moon because the full moon occurs in less than 28 days of pervious full moon. Generally moon takes 28 days to revolve around the sun. On an average Blue moon phenomenon occurs once around every 3 years.

As we are aware moon revolves around the earth and at times its orbit gets closer to the earth and hence the moon as seen by the earth will be larger and brighter, When the moon is closest to the earth, then the moon is called as super moon.

Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth is in between sun and the moon due to which rays of sun wont fall on the moon and cause total darkness.

Now! On January 31 2018 all the above 3 events i.e blue moon, super moon and total lunar eclipse took place simultaneously which makes the moon looks bigger and red in colour. Thus the name. Next such phenomenon shall occur in December 31, 2028 and January 31, 2037.

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