Yercaud is a Hill Station in Tamil Nadu and is at a distance of 360 Kms from Chennai and 215 KMs from Bangalore. Unlike Yelagiri, Yercaud has plenty of places to visit and is spread across a large area. We started our journey from Yelagiri but roads were not that great however route from Yercaud to Chennai was good. From Salem, we need to go further and take deviation towards Kuppanur-Yercaud Ghat road to reach Yercaud. A small fee is collected for taking this route but the drive on these narrow ghats is worth it!

The roads are narrow with forest in one side and valley on other side. Interlock tiles laid at some portion of the roads to give way for oncoming vehicles. The drive through these route was amazing and reminded me the route of Mullayanagiri ghats. We were actually disappointed by visiting Yelagiri and we drove down to Yercaud without much expectation. When we were about to reach Yercaud there was a traffic jam, which is when i saw a restaurant and we decided to stop over to have a some refreshments.

The moment we parked our vehicle we were welcomed by super chill breeze and we instantly fell in love with this place and decided to stay over for a night and return the next day. Well that was not all! We checked with the hotel security guard about places to visit who said Lake, Waterfalls, Pakoda Point (pronounced as PAGODA point), Gents Seat, Ladies Seat, Loop Road etc.. are some of the popular places. He insisted us to go to Annamalaiar Temple which happens to be very famous among locals and not many tourists are aware of. I shall be writing a detailed article about this temple some time later. Due to shortage of time we covered few places and we shall be returning to Yercaud again to cover the other places.

Below are some of the places that can be visited during your visit to Yercaud..

  1. Loop Road
    • This is probably one of the best roads for a scenic drive. The road will be covered with fog even during noon which makes your driving experience wonderful. The drive through the thick forest and estates is marvelous. There is plenty of opportunity for taking pictures and nature lovers will absolutely love this 32 KMs long drive.
  2. Shevaroy Temple
    • Shevaroy temple is a beautiful cave temple situated on a hill-top which offers scenic views. The approach roads are wide. The place will be covered with mist early morning and is a beautiful sight to watch. There is a cave which is said to be leading from inside of this temple to Mysore Palace.
  3. Sri Annamalaiar TempleThis is probably one of the most beautiful place in Yelagiri. Situated on the hilltop near by 
  4. Pagoda Point
    • Pagoda point is a view-point which offers the stunning view of valley and rocky mountains. There is a view tower from where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains. The place will be covered with mist most of the times and looks beautiful. The place is crowded but definitely worth a visit.
  5. Lake
    • This beautiful lake is located in heart of Yercaud and is a major tourist attraction. One can perform boating activities and enjoy beauty of mother nature. The lake is having a park where one can spend some time as well.
  6. Kiliyur Falls
    • This is a small but beautiful waterfalls in Yercaud. There is no entry charge to enter the falls however one needs to park their vehicle and walk down around 200-250 Steps to reach the falls. The falls looks fabulous during monsoon and must be on your list when you visit Yercaud. This falls is a good trekking spot and requires some stamina to reach the falls.
  7. Karadiyur View Point
    • This is a peaceful yet beautiful view-point which offers mesmerizing view of the valley. One needs to walk for 1-2 KMs to reach this view-point and the efforts put-in to walk are definitely worth it. The place is less crowded and calm and is perfect place to sit and enjoy the nature
  8. Gent’s Seat, Lady’s Seat and Children’s Seat
    • There are three popular view points in Yercaud and one can take few amazing photographs
  9. Rose Garden
    • Located near Lady’s seat, once can visit to view variety of roses. The place is colorful and is covered with variety of flowers.
  10. Deer Park
    • This is a small park located near by Lake and one can spend some time here to watch deer.

To make your trip memorable make sure you take a room on hill-top and with a balcony facing the valley. During evenings and early mornings the experience of mist entering into the balcony is an amazing.



Hi friends, I love traveling and exploring new places. When I was going through my old travel photos I started to cherish my travel experiences. I wanted to share my experience with you. That is how i started this blog.! I hope you like my work.