Paradise as they say! This beautiful beach is located around Chunnambar river at Pondicherry. This beach is located slightly outside Pondicherry on Cuddalore main road. Paradise beach is clean when compared to most other beaches and salinity is lesser due to confluence of river with the ocean. One needs to take a 15 Minute long motor boat ride to reach the beach from “Chunnambar Boat House”. If you are lucky enough you will be able to spot  Jelly Fishes of different sizes while ferrying towards the beach.Chunnambar Boat House is a complex where one can book; boat house, boat ride, river cruise or simply catch a ferry to proceed to Paradise beach. Last ferry to the beach should be caught before 4 PM and the last ferry from the beach to main land is at 6 PM. The beach is divided into two, one being maintained by Pondicherry Tourism (Recommended for tourists) for which one needs to take a boat ride (Rs. 200 per head) and the second part is a normal beach which can be visited by taking a vehicle.

Pondicherry tourism board has taken great efforts to keep the beach clean. The sand is very soft and the moment one steps their foot on the sand, they get attracted towards pristine clear water. There are a couple of care takers at the beach who constantly keep reminding if one tries to go deep into the water. The experience of huge waves that sweep the feet is amazing and one must definitely experience the same. The beach has clean bath rooms where one can take a quick shower after they play in beach. There are various other sporting activities which are available at the beach. Unlike other beaches, Paradise beach is less crowded and one can spend unlimited uninterrupted time with their loved ones and capture some beautiful pictures.

One of the major challenge in getting to the beach is that Chunnambar Boat House gets packed and finding a parking gets difficult at times. Long queues while buying tickets gets frustrating sometimes. We suggest you to go early to avoid the rush.! However, if you plan to visit the beach by your own vehicle then take the road which leads to Le Pondy resort. On approaching the resort go further straight to reach the beach.

No food and liquor can be carried from outside to the beach however if you plan to spend a day at the beach then be prepared to shell out a bit extra for the same at the beach shacks. For those who want to venture into some activities, sand rides, fish spa, water sports, trampoline jumping, rain dance etc.. are available near the beach on paid basis.

This beach is peaceful and well maintained and should be definitely on your bucket list during your next visit to Pondicherry.

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