Thailand is a popular Asian holiday destination among tourists from all over the world. Thailand is known for its beaches, ancient ruins and temples. While Bangkok is heart of the nations which has plenty of temples, palaces, market and night life, Chiang Mai is an ancient and second largest of Thailand which has a famous Golden Temple of Wat Doi Suthep. Pattaya is another popular tourist hub known for temples and night life. People speak Isan and English and Bhat is their local currency. 1 Bhat = 2 Rs Approx. The best way to commute around the city is through cabs or tuk-tuk. One can also rent self drive bikes or cars if they have valid international driving license.

When to Travel:
Best time to visit Thailand is somewhere October to February when the temperature will be moderate and pleasent. where as during March until early June the weather will be hot and humid and July till late September there will be monsoon. One can expect lower flight and hotel fares during monsoon as it is off-season.

Approximate budget for a 3 Day trip including travel and accommodation and shopping when planned properly will be within 50,000.

Breakup for the same is given below:

  1. Visa : Approximately 4000 Rs (Visa on Arrival – Make sure you have a passport with validly of greater than 6 Months)
  2. Air Tickets – Return: Approximately Rs. 12,000 from Chennai/Tiruchinipalli/Kolkata when booked in advance.
  3. Hotel: Approximately Rs. 1,500-3,000 per day for 3 Star Category with Complimentary breakfast.
  4. Local Travel & Sight Seeing: Rs 10,000 (To cover prominent places of your choice). One can bargain and hire a Innova cab for Rs 2000 for an entire day.
  5. Shopping and Misc Expenses: Rs 15,000.

Please note: The above trip cost can be reduced to a budget of 30,000 if one is willing to down grade accommodation where rooms are available from Rs 500-1000 per day and use Sky Train and Tuk Tuk for local commuting and refrains from shopping.

Places to Visit:

  1. Temples & Night Life
    1. Bangkok
      1. Temples:
        • Wat Phra Kaew This is a sacred Buddha Temple and is known for reclining emerald Buddha. This place is also known as Emerald Buddha
        • Wat Saket This is a beautiful a Buddha temple on a steep artificial hill.
        • Golden Buddha This statue is located in the temple of Wat Traimi. It is a huge 5.5 Ton Gold statue and is also known as Phra Phuttha Maha Suwana Patimakon.
        • Hindu temples such as Ganesh Temple, Durga Temple, ISKON etc can be visited as well.
      2. Sight Seeing:
        • Grand Palace This is a former royal palace which is now converted into a museum which is opened to visitors.
        • Lumphini Park This park which offers relaxation space to public. The park has a huge collection of rare trees and has a playground. This park is named after Lumbini, birth place of Buddha
        • Jim Thompson’s House This is an art museum belonging to an American businessman and architect Jim Thompson.
        • Vimanmek Mansion is a mansion made from teak wood.
      3. Adventure & Night Life:
        • Khao San Road Khao San Road is a short street famous for Night Life activities and street shopping. This is probably one of the best place in Thailand to meet people from different parts of the world and have a quick random conversation.! 
        • Safari World This is an entertainment park where one can watch various species of Animals and Marine creatures. The zoo area is huge and one can even watch shows of various animals.
        • Bangkok Ocean World Bangkok Ocean World is the largest aquarium is South East Asia and is spread across over 10,000 Sq Meters.
        • SIAM Park This is an amusement park which offers various amusement rides.
        • Duskit Zoo Duskit Zoo is a large zoo where one can spot large variety of animals, mammals, birds, reptiles etc..
        • Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo This zoo is a crocodile zoo where one can find variety of crocodiles and experience their thrilling shows.
      4. Shopping:
        • Terminal 21 is an airport inspired shopping mall which has 9 different themed floors.
        • MBK Center is the one of the largest shopping complex in Bangkok. There are over 2000+ Shops spread across 8 floors.
        • Central World is the largest shopping complex in Thailand and is known for its fashion collection.
        • Siam Paragon is ultra luxury shopping complex where one can find luxury goods and branded goods. Electronics, Cars, Hi-Tech Gadgets are the specialty of this complex.
        • Central Embassy Shopping Mall is Thailand’s first ultra luxury shopping mall which offers high-end designer stores for clothing and electronics.
    2. Pattaya
      1. Temples:
        • Sanctuary of Truth Sanctuary of Truth also known as Prasat Sut Ja-Tum is a wooden building with various carvings which reflects tradition of Buddism and Hinduism. This place is located on shores of a beach and gives an amazing view of the ocean.
        • Wat Phra Khao Yai Wat Phra Khao Yai which is also known as Big Buddha is the biggest Buddha in this region. The height of the statue is around 18 Meters.
        • Buddha Mountain Buddha Mountain is also known as Khao Chi Chan is the largest Buddha carving in the world. This is a huge Gold embossed image of Buddha carved on a huge 130 x 70 Meter mountain using laser.
      2. Night Life
        • Cabaret Shows There are shows such as Tiffany Cabaret Show & Alcazar Cabaret Show are one of the tourist attraction. These shows include songs, skit and dance and is a best way to understand Thailand (SIAM’s) history.
        • Walking Street  Walking Street is a 500 Meters road which has over 1000s of Clubs & Bars. The place is packed with tourists from evening till late in the night. One can every watch some street shows and taste local cuisine by the street.
      3. Adventure & Sight Seeing
        • Nong Nooch Botanical Garden These are tropical garden which has a collection of rare flowers which is found across Thailand. The place is well maintained and has won may international awards.
        • Scuba Diving can be experienced at Koh Larn Island
        • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not This is a collection of some unbelievable mind boggling exhibits.
        • Coral IslandThis  is a small island near by Pattaya city. This island disconnects us from city life and helps spend some time in peace. The water is crystal clear and the location is serene.
        • Pratumnak Hill This also known as Pattaya View point is a best location to capture some amazing pictures of the city.
        • Underwater world This is an aquarium which has a huge collection of water creatures including jelly fishes.
        • Ramayana Water Park  This is a theme water park in Pattaya which one can visit and undertake some awesome rides.
      4. Shopping
        • Floating Market This is probably one of the best to taste local cuisine and do some street shopping.
        • Pattaya Night Bazaar and Thepprasit Night Market These are a couple of famous shopping places among tourists. There are few malls such has Central Festival Mall, Outlet Mall where one can do some shopping.
  2. Ancient Cities, Temples & Ruins
    1. Chiang Mai
      1. Sight Seeing
        • Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara This is an ancient place which has ruins dated back to historic time. The architecture is impressive and one can spend a day and get inspired.!
        • Wat Phra Singh This temple built in 1345 and is good to take few pics.
        • Wat Phra That Doi Kham This is also known as Temple of the Golden Mountain. This is a beautiful place of Buddha and is worth a visit.
        • Wat Sri Suphan is a small yet beautiful temple.
        • Wiang Kum Kam This is an  Underground Ancient City dated back to 8th century.
      2. Adventure & Night Life
        • Chiang Mai Zoo This is a 200 Acres of zoo which is in foothills of Doi Suthep and has 400+ species of animals including a Panda.
        • Chiang Mai Night Safari is an amazing place to feed cubs and watch other animals in the wild.
        • Mae Sa Elephant Camp This is a place where once can see elephants getting trained.
        • Doi Pui Tribal Village and National Park is a highest point in Doi Pui Village and once can see and experience how tribals live.
    2. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
      1. Temples, Historic Places and Sight Seeing (We have listed only a few, there are 100s more which can be explored during your visit. A guided tour is highly suggested during your trip to Ayutthaya.) This place is very close to Bangkok (90KMs) and can be reached by taking a cab or train from Bangkok.
        • Wat Phra Si Sanphet This is one of the oldest and most historic place in Ayutthaya, one can also find ruins of Wang Luang of the Grand Palace.
        • Wat Ratchaburana This was built by King Boromracha II (1424-48) in memory of his elder brothers Ay and Yi, who were killed in a duel over the succession to the throne.
        • Wat MahathatThis is a old Buddhist temple which has a colorful shrine and ruins.  This temple is famous for a Buddha head which is surrounded by roots.
        • Chao Sam Phraya National Museum This is an amazing museum to study about relics, ornaments and other treasures found in ruins of Ayutthaya.
        • Ayutthaya Historical Park  This is an archeological site which has remains from 14 Century.
        • Wat Chaiwatthanaram Wat Chaiwatthanaram  is a beautiful temple where the ruins from 17th century are restored.
        • Bang Pa-In Royal Palace This palace was used by the Royal family and was their holiday home. This place is now open to public.
        • Wat Yai Chai MongkhonWat Yai Chai Mongkhon is a restored Buddhist temple with stupas. There is a huge reclining Buddha and a row of Buddha statues. This used to be Siam’s former capital..
        • Wat Na Phra Men This beautiful Buddha temple made from green stone and regal garb.
        • Chedi Phukhao Thong This is a 15th century restored Buddhist temple with a stupha of 50 meter.
  3. Beaches & Honeymoon destination
    1. Phuket is a rain forest island which has some of the amazing mountains in the Andaman sea of Thailand. This place has some of the most amazing beaches in Thailand
      1. Beaches, Sight Seeing and Adventure
        • Patong is a beach town in Phuket which has plenty of beach resorts. The place is also famous for night life and shopping as well.
        • Karon Beach is a popular destination among the tourists.
        • Phuket Zoo This is a small zoo which has plenty of shows which include crocodile, monkey and elephant shows.
        • Flying Hanuman This is a popular zipline adventure which is spread over a vast area through forest terrains.
        • Phuket Aquarium is a under water tunnel aquarium and has a wide collection of fishes and other aquatic animals.
        • Bangla Boxing Stadium is a boxing arena which hosts 3 fight nights every week. This is a must visit place for all tourists.
        • Big Buddha This huge buddha statue on hill-top which gives amazing panoramic view of the city.
        • There are plenty of beautiful beaches such as Kata Beach, Kalim Beach, Promthep Cape, Nai Harn Beach etc.
    2. Krabi is near by Phuket and is known for dense mangrove forest and beautiful limestone cliffs.
      • Phi Phi Island, Ko Ngai, Bamboo Island, Ko Poda Islands etc are few of beautiful island in Thailand and are popular among tourists. These islands can be visited through package boat tours.
      • Khao Khanab Nam Caves These are amazing caves with magnificent views. It is definitely worth going.
      • Nosey Parker’s Elephant Camp This camp is an amazing way to explore jungle on elephant.
      • Tiger Cave Temple This is a Buddha temple in dense forest. It is said that the last tiger of this region lived here in a cave. One needs to do bit of trek to reach the spot.
      • Tha Pom Klong Song Nam This mesmerizing mangrove swamp which has elevated walkways and offers beautiful view. This place is absolutely a heaven for kayaking. The water is crystal clear and one can even swim here.
      • Viking Cave This is a beautiful lime stone caves with some amazing wall paintings.
  4. Adventure & Water Sports
    1. Mekong
      1. The Mekong River gets is birth from the Himalayas, it flows through China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam and finally joins the South China Sea. One can find and eat delicious local cuisine. A slow boat cruise can be taken and one can relax and enjoy the romantic sail.
      2. Thailand, Myanmar & Laos borders can be seen at a distance during the sail. The best way to experience Mekong is to take a boat trip which will cost around 500 to 1000 Bhat.
    2. Ko Phi Phi Don
      1. Ao Tonsai Pier is a beautiful place pier where one can take a ferry or boat ride.
      2. Nui beach is an amazing shallow beach where snorkeling and swimming can be done.
      3. Phak Nam Bay is another small yet clear beach which is ideal for snorkeling

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